About me

Lucky to be born in St.-Petersburg, Russia, formerly known as “the great window lately opened in the north thro’ which Russia looks into Europe” ( © Francesco Algarotti, 1739) I developed a strong passion for travelling which inevitably intertwined with my love for photography.

I’ve been doing action photography (power boats, Emercom competitions, concerts) since 2011. Being a long time fan of figure skating I finally started capturing its inimitable beauty during 2017 World Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki and have covered major figure skating events since.

My photographs have been published in newspapers and magazines across Russia, USA and Canada including several front pages. I also wrote an article on 2017-18 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final while working as a photographer at the same event.

I speak Russian and English, I can understand some of Spanish and I am in my 3rd year of studying Japanese.

I have two adopted cats named Theodore and Kaori.